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In an unfortunate scenario, where the refund of the amount is claimed, Diane's Business Consulting strict Refund

Policy is given as below;

Diane's Business Consulting is a service-based consulting firm and is fully eligible to be compensated

against its time, experience, expertise, advisory, consulting, and services. Any amount earned in its

scope of services is not refundable unless expressly declared.

Management Fee and Consulting Fee is treated as advance payment and considered as earned against

the time and services of the Consultant, except the termination of the agreement for cause where;

If the premature termination is happening prior to rendering the full services, then a fair calculation will

be made as per professional services rate along with any reimbursements and the portion of the

unearned amount will be refunded to the Client.

If the full scope of services is completed, Client might not be eligible for any refund.

Any third-party payments including but not limited to investment amount, govt./authority fee, third party

payment, attorney fee, vendor payment is out of the scope of responsibility of Diane's Business Consulting

and any refund is subject to their independent policy without any prejudice of Diane's Business Consulting.


Full refund will be issued in case of technical error such as double charging or any other cases where Diane's

Business Consulting is responsible.

A refund claim is acceptable in case of the inability or incompetency of service execution and in which

case, a fair calculation of compensation against the time and efforts must be evaluated.

Refund will be issued through the Original Mode of Payment or via Bank Transfer or Check where it is

not possible to refund via the original mode of payment.

Any success fee, referral fee, brokerage fee, commission, or repatriation once earned is not refundable.


In any particular service request, the refund policy stated and described in its service contract is considered

as an annex to this refund policy and is enforceable.

Any refund request should be made in a written email/letter form stating the exact reason for the Refund

claim which will immediately lead to suspension or termination of services.

Any refunds requested due to a customer error will be subject to a $ 350 administration charge,

once approved.

Any refund once approved, will be processed within 30-45 working days.

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